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Welcome! We are a professional hosting company established since January 2021, founded by Ricky T. Exceptionality excels in providing exceptional hosting services for you. Feel free to visit the rest of our site for more information!

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Started by Exceptionality for Exceptional Hosting

Affordable & High Quality

Exceptionality offers affordable hosting plans. Starting with a 1.50 USD/Month plan, and all of this without lowering the quality.

Dedicated Support Team

We will stop at nothing to help you, whether it’d be to set your host up or connect your domain, our support team is there to help you.

Straightforward & Reliable

We have taken many steps to make sure that our site, portal and services are as simple and reliable as possible. Should this not be the case for yourself or you have concerns for others, please try not to be afraid about contacting our support team!

Exceptionally Committed

Our Mission

Hi there, I am Ricky T. and I am the founder of the Exceptionality Hosting company. I created this company because I couldn't enjoy many hosting providers and solutions. The main reasons for this are my differences and poor support. I decided to make it my mission to change this, starting with you here!

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Monthly Pricing of Our Plans

Startup Operation


Per Month

  • 1GB Fast Storage (RAIDed SSDs)
  • 20GB Monthly Transfer (Premium Bandwidth)
  • Up to 120 Emails Per Day
  • Unmetered Most Other Features
Small Operation


Per Month

  • 2GB Fast Storage (RAIDed SSDs)
  • 40GB Monthly Transfer (Premium Bandwidth)
  • Up to 250 Emails Per Day
  • Unmetered Most Other Features
Medium Operation


Per Month

  • 4GB Fast Storage (RAIDed SSDs)
  • 80GB Monthly Transfer (Premium Bandwidth)
  • Up to 500 Emails Per Day
  • Unmetered Most Other Features
Large Operation


Per Month

  • 10GB Fast Storage (RAIDed SSDs)
  • 200GB Monthly Transfer (Premium Bandwidth)
  • Up to 1200 Emails Per Day
  • Unmetered Most Other Features

Our Features

Daily Offsite Backups Included

You are able to restore files, emails and other data or even your entire account with our Daily Offsite Backups!

Unmetered Features

Almost all features are unmetered including but not limited to installed applications, domains, sub domains, domain pointers, databases, email accounts and more!

Under loaded and Underbooked

To make sure that your hosting plan serves you well.


We aim for fairness everywhere, including but not limited to: Our prices, marketing, policies,...

Consistent Prices

Tired of rising prices every year at "Bigger Companies''? At Exceptionality you will never pay more than you signed up for, for the same plan!

Free Migrations, Including Cpanel

We will try to migrate your files promptly so that you can get back to what you do best. No "24 to 48 hours responses". Our Support team is available at any time.

Self Configurations

You will not have to ask Exceptionality to change your primary domain and such. Of course we are always willing to do these configuration(s) for you if you need us to do it!

Emailing that Works

Tired of your emails ending up on Gmails spam folder, if even that? We ensure that “emailing” actually works.

Constant Support

No matter what you need, we will always get back to you to address any issues!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not see your question(s) below or more
help is needed please just ask us. :)

To link your domain to your hosting that you already purchased elsewhere. Simply point Nameserver 1 (NS1) to ns1.exceptionalityhosting.com and do the same for the second (NS2) except ns2.exceptionalityhosting.com. This can be found in your domain's control panel under Nameservers to edit/change them. Make sure to delete any excess one(s) if any.

This is quite simple, go into your control panel (and login) then select the File Manager, open the Domains directory, select the domain you want to upload your website files to. From there, go to public_html and finally upload your files by the "new" button on the top right, then drop the .zip file down to the cloud icon with the upload arrow (it will says Upload Files next to it as well). Now unzip your files and your files have been uploaded successfully!

Absolutely, this is unmetered! Keep in mind you might need to order a larger plan if running so many and/or a few heavily sites which may demand resources like Content Managment Systems (CMSes like Wordpress, Joomla, etc) or heavy duty forum softwares (like a loaded/populated Xenoforo installation).

Most sites that are starting out or not having an active indication of storage requirements can easily get away with 1 Gigabyte (GB). As even many installations taking up much less than this. For larger sites and such if you are unable to see what's you are using, try looking at your control panel to see if you are able to locate usage information. If you are unable to do that, feels uncomfortable doing that or otherwise requires us help we can absolutely take a look for you.